End Of School Year (2017-18) Design And Construction Update

Over the past several months, our District Facilities Leadership Team has been frequently meeting to outline logistics as we purposefully plan for the design and construction of the fitness center and the successful transition of students, staff, and families to the new elementary school. The Facilities Leadership Team has identified multiple subcommittees to support this important work which include: a Design Management Team, Construction Management Team, Olmsted Relocation Team, District Programming Vision Team, and Displacement Staffing Team. Each subcommittee will focus on addressing the multitude of logistics and needs relating to their unique area of focus while the Facilities Leadership Team orchestrates all of the moving parts that must be well-managed for the successful opening of our new facilities.

In addition to our internal committee meetings, we’ve been working closely with our design (DLR Group) and construction (Stahl Construction) partners. Below you’ll find an updated summary of actions that have been taking place for the fitness center, elementary school #1, PPEL and maintenance projects.


UHS Fitness Center

  • Taking tours of high school fitness center facilities.
  • Finalizing programming needs and space requirements (review the UHS Fitness Center Overview for initial information regarding equipment and programming).
  • Construction will begin spring 2019 (next spring) with the fitness center scheduled to open fall 2020 (which is the 2020-2021 school year).

Elementary School #1 (Olmsted site)

  • DLR Group developed design concepts for the layout of the building taking into account the constraints and limitations of the site, initial programming needs and space requirements, safety and security, and traffic flow.
  • Conducted a traffic study to determine the safest and most efficient flow of traffic in, out, and around the building.
  • DLR Group will facilitate rotating User Group meetings with administrators, teachers, and staff representatives from all schools on May 31st in order to finalize programming needs and space requirements.
  • Confirmed leadership transition plans for Jensen, Olmsted, and new elementary school.
  • Confirmed subcommittee groups and outlined key logistics and timelines for committees.
  • Currently assessing alternative sites in order to determine viable options for the temporary placement of Olmsted students and staff.
  • We’ll be seeking feedback from Olmsted families this fall as we consider options for the temporary placement of Olmsted students and staff during the two-year construction phase.
  • Preliminary planning for activities and celebrations to honor the legacy and proud history of Olmsted Elementary.
  • We’re developing a “Construction Central” microsite that will serve as the hub for all design and construction related updates. The dedicated website will be available this fall.
  • Review DLR Group’s Elementary School 1 Overview Schedule for a visual depiction of the different phases of the design and construction process.

PPEL and Maintenance Projects (included below are a few highlighted projects that will begin this summer with completion this fall; not all projects are included in this list)

  • UHS PAC Stage Acoustic Shell (a.k.a. sound cloud) that will improve the acoustics during band and chorus performances.
  • UHS PAC upgrades to LED lighting and digital sound.
  • UMS West Gym sand, repaint, refinish, and lighting to be replaced with LED.
  • UHS new partitions in South Gym lobby restrooms.
  • Concrete repairs to stadium and multiple schools.

As you can see, we have lots of important work taking place throughout our district as we continue maintaining and improving learning spaces for students and staff. We’ll provide updates as we move through the different phases of these construction projects in order to keep you informed and help answer any questions.