May 2018 Design And Construction Update

Over the past several months, our district has been participating in numerous design and construction meetings with DLR Group and Stahl Construction in order to purposefully plan for two important projects: 1) a new fitness center at the high school scheduled to open in the fall of the 2020-21 school year, 2) a successful transition of all students, families, and staff once our new elementary school opens on the Olmsted site during the 2021-22 school year.

Specific to the new elementary school, our focus has been on site planning, traffic flow, design, and identifying space and programming needs. While the physical components and logistics of our new building are important, we know that the heart of a building centers around the relationships that our teachers, staff, and administrators build with students and families. This is why we’re pleased to announce our transition plans for leadership at Jensen, Olmsted, and our first new elementary school.

At the conclusion of this school year, Jensen Principal Brad Paul will be leaving for a position with DMPS. His leadership has been appreciated and we wish him the very best as he continues his career in our neighboring district. With the departure of Mr. Paul, Elyse Brimeyer, current Olmsted Principal, will take on the dual role of Principal at both Jensen and Olmsted Elementary. We’ll be hiring an Associate Principal at Jensen beginning this summer to support Jensen students, staff, and families as Mrs. Brimeyer flexes her time among the two schools. Mrs. Brimeyer will work closely with the new Associate Principal at Jensen to provide consistency in programming/PD, vision, and leadership over the next three years (knowing that construction of the new school will begin next summer and span two years).

Beginning this fall, educators in both schools will begin collaborating for professional development and strategic planning to ensure a seamless transition for students, staff, and families. Once our new elementary school opens in 2021-22, Mrs. Brimeyer will be the Principal of our first new elementary school, and we would anticipate the Associate Principal will become a shared position between the new elementary school and Webster Elementary; both being four-section schools.

Below you’ll find an updated summary of actions that have been taking place for both projects and an overview of key phases of the design and construction process. We’ll continue providing updates as we move through the different phases of these construction projects in order to keep you informed and help answer any questions.


UHS Fitness Center

  • Taking tours of high school fitness center facilities.
  • Finalizing programming needs and space requirements.
  • Please review the UHS Fitness Center Overview for initial information regarding equipment and programming.
  • Construction will begin spring 2019 (next spring) with the fitness center scheduled to open fall 2020 (which is the 2020-2021 school year).

Elementary School #1 (Olmsted site)

  • Confirmed leadership transition plans for Jensen, Olmsted, and the new elementary school.
  • Meeting with User Groups to finalize programming needs and space requirements.
  • Finalizing best approach for layout of building given existing constraints/limitations of the site.
  • Conducting a traffic study to determine the safest and most efficient flow of traffic in, out, and around the building.
  • Please review the Elementary School 1 Overview Schedule for a visual depiction of the different phases of the design and construction process.


The building design process can be broken down into five (5) major categories to guide the overall development of a project. These phases provide a methodical and comprehensive approach to customize a building solution based upon the district’s needs and overall educational programming. Dates included reflect design and construction of the first elementary school. These descriptions correspond with the Elementary School 1 Overview Schedule.

1) Schematic Design (February – July 2018)
In the Schematic Design phase, the district will finalize a space program and begin to define and describe all important aspects of the overall building organization, infrastructure and site development.

2) Design Development (July – October 2018)
The Design Development phase will refine the decisions made in Schematic Design and begin the process of more detailed documentation of structure, mechanical and electrical systems. At the conclusion of the Design Development, all major and minor decisions for the project will be accomplished.

3) Construction Documents (October – January 2019)
In the Construction Document phase, the design team prepares the technical drawings and specifications necessary for bidders to provide pricing and to communicate the construction process of the facility.

4) Construction Bidding (June 2019)
The drawings and specifications will be made available for subcontractors and vendors to price the components of the building to create a total construction value of the project.

5) Construction Phase (June 2019 – June 2021)
Probably the most exciting and visible aspect of the process begins when the first shovel of dirt is turned over. At this point, a team of contractors will assemble to the building of all of its components into a comprehensive learning and community facility.


Proces projektovanja objekta može se podijeliti na pet (5) glavnih kategorija za praćenje ukupnog razvoja projekta.  Ove faze pružaju metodičan i sveobuhvatan pristup prilagođavanja rješenja objekta na temelju potreba distrikta i obrazovnog programa.  Navedeni termini odražavaju projekat i izgradnju prve osnovne škole.  Ovi opisi se odnose na Elementary School 1 Overview Schedule.

  1. Idejni projekat (februar – juli 2018.)
    U fazi idejnog projekta distrikt će finalizirati prostorni program i započeti će da definira i ocrtava sve važne aspekte ukupne organizacije objekta, njegove infrastrukture i razvoja gradilišta.
  2. Glavni projekat (juli – oktobar 2018.)
    U fazi glavnog projekta razradiće se odluke donesene tokom idejnog projekta i počeće se sa procesom izrade detaljnije dokumentacije konstrukcije, mehaničkih i električnih sistema.  Na kraju izrade glavnog projekta sve važnije i manje važne odluke u vezi sa objektom biće finalizirane.
  3. Izvedbena dokumentacija (oktobar – januar 2019.)
    U toku izrade izvedbenog projekta projektantski tim priprema tehničku dokumentaciju i specifikaciju potrebnu za javnu licitaciju i ponudu cijena troškova kao i ponude rokova procesa izgradnje objekta.
  4. Licitacija za izgradnju (juni 2019.)
    Projekat i proračun sa specifikacijom će biti na raspolaganju kooperantima i izvođačima da daju ponude za komponente objekta kako bi se dobila ukupna vrijednost izgradnje objekta.
  5. Građevinska faza (juni 2019. – juni 2021.)
    Najuzbudljiviji i najvidljiviji aspekt procesa počinje vjerovatno kada se iskopa prva lopata zemlje.  U tom trenutku građevinski tim će se okupiti u izgradnji svih komponenata sveukupnog obrazovnog i društvenog objekta.