April 2021 Design and Construction Update

District Administration is working closely with our design team (DLR Group) and contractors (Stahl for Olmsted Elementary School; Stahl for Elementary School #2; Two Rivers Group for UHS HVAC). Below you’ll find an updated summary of actions that have been taking place for multiple construction projects.


Olmsted Elementary

  • Olmsted Elementary is scheduled to open fall 2021 (for the 2021-22 school year).
  • Summary: Paint in the classroom wings is very close to complete along with the ceramic tile in the restrooms. The cabinetry is installed in the K-1 & 4-5 floors and will begin soon in the 2-3 & Pre-K areas. Carpet and floor tile will also begin very soon in the 4-5 floor. The administration area is being drywalled and the last areas of wall framing will be finishing up in the next couple of weeks. The exterior brick will be completed in the next couple of weeks and will also beginning work on the metal panel siding. Lastly, the grading of the site and sidewalk installation will also begin in the upcoming weeks.
  • Specifics: Area ‘A’
    • 2nd Floor
      • Painting is complete.
      • Ceiling grid is complete at classrooms.  They are working on corridors now.
      • Floor tile is complete at gang restrooms and started in small restrooms.
    • 1st Floor
      • Painting is ongoing.
      • Ceilings to follow painting.
  • Area ‘B’
    •  2nd Floor
      • Metal stud framing has started.
      • Mechanical and electrical rough-in is ongoing.
    • 1st Floor
      • Sheetrock will start in about 1 week.
      • Mechanical and electrical rough-in is nearly complete.
      • Leaning stair sub-structure has been poured.
  •  Area ‘C’
    • 2nd Floor
      • Metal stud framing at south mechanical room is ready for air handler installation.
      • Mechanical and electrical rough-in is ongoing.
      • HVAC units are ready for installation.
      • Sprinkler pipe is being installed at commons high roof area.
    • 1st Floor
      • Electrical at the gym is nearly complete.
      • Mason completed walls at the main gang restroom by the gym.
      • All concrete slabs are in place.
      • Learning stairs have been poured and framed is currently framing the seating decks.
      • Mechanical contractor continues piping at main mechanical room.  The also installed the large diameter piping runs to areas A & D.
  • Area ‘D’
    • 2nd Floor
      • Skylights have been installed.  The ceiling clouds can now be finished.
      • Sliding glass door tracks have been installed.  Sliding glass doors are scheduled to be onsite in two weeks.
      • Preparing to start flooring in this area the first full week of April.
    • 1st Floor
      • This area is in the same stage as level 2 with waiting on final finishes to avoid damage.
  • Site
    • Utility contractor has all utilities to the building.  They need to set the two kitchen grease traps but will need dry weather to get the truck to the location on the east side of the building.
    • Metal panels installation has started. They have 3 crews onsite and have installed the flat panels over the outdoor learning spaces on areas A & D. They have 3 remaining panel shipments with the last one scheduled to arrive on April 5th.

Elementary School #2 (Valerius site)

  • Interiors Meeting taking place on April 15.
  • Design Development will be reviewed and then submitted to the School Board on April 26. 
  • During construction (2021-22 and 2022-23 school years), all Valerius students and staff will attend school at the Jensen Elementary site. As all Jensen students/staff will have moved into the new Olmsted building, Valerius students and staff will be the only occupants in the Jensen building. 
  • Bus Transportation: Any student who resides in the Valerius attendance area will be provided bus service free of charge to the Jensen site. This is true for all Valerius zones (free, pay, and walk). Families may sign up for bus transportation during the spring online registration process. Routes and stops will be created based on the requests received. Open enrolled students are able to purchase bussing from established stops if they would like. Bussing is optional. Students are not required to utilize the bus service. The bus service is for school hours only (Note: If a parent is utilizing Adventuretime Before/After School Childcare there would not be bussing early or late in the day to access that service).
  • Learn more about the project by viewing the presentation and recording from the
    Valerius Neighborhood Meeting that was held via Zoom on February 10, 2021.


UHS HVAC Renovations

  • Several punch list items are outstanding and are being addressed.