August 2021 Design and Construction Update

District Administration is working closely with our design team (DLR Group) and contractors (Stahl for Olmsted Elementary School; Stahl for Elementary School #2; Two Rivers Group for UHS HVAC). Below you’ll find an updated summary of actions that have been taking place for multiple construction projects.


Olmsted Elementary

Olmsted Elementary will open this fall for the 2021-22 school year.

  1. Kitchen – Done; scheduling time for health department inspection.
  2. Gym Floor – In process
  3. Gym Bleachers – Installation to follow floor completion. 
  4. Learning Stair Wood Flooring – In process 
  5. Handrail – Done at 2nd floor / learning stairs still in process
  6. Polished Concrete – Some areas done. Remaining in process. 
  7. Landscaping / Irrigation – In process 
  8. Fencing – Done around the detention basin. Other areas not done but in process. 
  9. Playground – In process 
  10. Gym / Commons Sound System – Waiting on backordered components 
  11. Punch List Items – In process

Elementary School #2 (Valerius site)

  • School Board approved the Design Development during the April 26 School Board Meeting:
  • Valerius Demolition and Construction Presentation July 2021:
    Thank you to our Valerius Elementary neighbors for submitting questions regarding the upcoming demolition and construction process beginning this summer (2021) on the Valerius site. DLR Group (design), Stahl (construction), and UCSD have incorporated answers to your questions into the following pre-recorded presentation. (Note: When viewing the video, you’re welcome to select Closed Captions in your preferred language.) The pre-recorded presentation can also be found on the UCSD Construction Central site along with a quick overview document containing key points from the presentation.
  • During the July 12 School Board Meeting, the Board approved:
    • A construction contract in the amount of $1,976,800 for the Lump Sum Base Bid for S.M. Hentges & Sons, Inc. for the construction of the Valerius Elementary School: Demolition/Earthwork/Utilities Contract. 
    • The Construction Testing and Special Inspections Contract as continuation of earlier provided design phase Geotechnical Services for Terracon Consulting Engineers for services during the construction of the Valerius ES Demo/Earthwork/Utilities Contract.
    • A motion to establish a Public Hearing Date of September 13, 2021 to hear any public comments regarding the Urbandale New Elementary School #2 project.
    • A motion to establish a Bid Date of September 2, 2021 at 2pm to receive bids for the Urbandale New Elementary School #2 project.
  • Urbandale City Council approved the ES #2 site plan on July 13, 2021.
  • During construction (2021-22 and 2022-23 school years), all Valerius students and staff will attend school at the Jensen Elementary site. As all Jensen students/staff will have moved into the new Olmsted building, Valerius students and staff will be the only occupants in the Jensen building. 
  • Bus Transportation: Any student who resides in the Valerius attendance area will be provided bus service free of charge to the Jensen site. This is true for all Valerius zones (free, pay, and walk). Families may sign up for bus transportation during the spring online registration process. Routes and stops will be created based on the requests received. Open enrolled students are able to purchase bussing from established stops if they would like. Bussing is optional. Students are not required to utilize the bus service. The bus service is for school hours only (Note: If a parent is utilizing Adventuretime Before/After School Childcare there would not be bussing early or late in the day to access that service).


UHS HVAC Renovations

  • Several punch list items are outstanding and are being addressed.