June 2022 Design and Construction Update

District Administration is working closely with our design team (DLR Group) and contractors (Stahl Construction). Below you’ll find an updated summary of actions that have been taking place for multiple construction projects.


Olmsted Elementary

Punch List

  • Paint touch-ups throughout the building are occurring nightly with workers in the building on a 4pm-2am shift.
  • Barn doors, casework, ceiling tiles are all being worked on during the night shift.
  • Allegion is sending a representative to do a 6-month review of door hardware to help resolve issues. The installers are working through these on their punch list.

Valerius Elementary

  • Scheduled to open Fall 2023-24.
  • Progress photos below.
  • Gravity wall on the south side will begin early July.
  • 92nd street road is now complete.
  • Area A 
    • Classroom wing-decking and joist work are in process and on time.
    • Slab on grade is complete.
    • Steel, joist and decking is complete.
    • Storm shelter Electrical rough-in is ongoing.
    • Storm shelter duct work is 85% complete.
    • Exterior wall framing and layout started the week of 6/13.
  • Area C
    • Steel decking started at the gym.
    • Steel Joist and decking for Kitchen and mechanical area started the week of 6/6.
    • M.E.P. trades start work in Kitchen/ stage areas to follow steel erection.
    • Footings for cooling tower complete. 
    • Start waterproofing tentatively weekend, start on east side of Area C. 
    • Interior CMU at stage to complete tomorrow. 
    • Cooling tower foundation to start this week.
  • Area B
    • Electrical underground at northeast corner started week of 6/6. 
  • Area D
    • Footings and curbs are complete.
    • Plumbing rough-in complete, with exception of area where scaffold is located. 
    • Electrical rough-in started. 
  • Elevator pit and curbing are complete.
  • Stahl has had to make a few sequence changes due to the weather, however this keeps the project moving forward. 
    • Steel behind, a recovery schedule is being worked on. 
    • Exterior wall framing is one week late due to material delivery.  
    • Some activities ahead and some are behind, overall schedule looks good for trade hand-offs.