August 2022 Design and Construction Update

District Administration is working closely with our design team (DLR Group) and contractors (Stahl Construction). Below you’ll find an updated summary of actions that have been taking place for Valerius Elementary.


Valerius Elementary

  • Scheduled to open Fall 2023-24.
  • The gravity wall on the south side is complete with the exception of two end caps/soil.
  • Pouring the southwest parking lot.
  • Area A 
    • Interior framing ongoing.
    • Ductwork in the area is ongoing.
    • Roof is complete.
    • Brickwork is ongoing.
  • Area B
    • Interior framing ongoing.
  • Area C
    • Roofing has started.
    • Exterior framing has started.
  • Area D
    • Joist and deck is complete and early on schedule. 
    • Steel delivery is expected at the end of August.
  • Stahl has had to make a few sequence changes due to the weather and the availability of materials, however the project is moving forward. 
    • Some activities are ahead and some are behind, overall schedule looks good for trade hand-offs.

Progress Photos