May 2023 Design and Construction Update

District Administration is working closely with our design team (DLR Group) and contractors (Stahl Construction). Below you’ll find an updated summary of actions that have been taking place for Valerius Elementary.


Valerius Elementary

  • 90th Street work has started and is continuing
  • Overflow parking has been poured
  • Southeast parking/bus lane has been poured
  • Grading on the east side is continuing 
  • Topsoil placement has started on west side 
  • Exterior concrete has started at north side
  • Area A
    • Ceilings installation is complete
    • Ceiling baffles starting
    • Flooring is continuing 
    • Final painting is continuing 
    • Glass partitions (mall sliders) at classrooms to start
    • Stair Tower
      • Glass is completing
      • Interior drywall is to follow stair D
  • Area B
    • Painting on 2nd floor is complete
    • Learning stairs handrails is complete
    • 1st Floor electrical rough in is complete
    • 1st Floor drywall is complete
    • Commons Clouds is complete
    • Elevator is complete
    • Commons Terrazzo has started 
  • Area C
    • Kitchen Equipment is complete
    • Kitchen equipment plumbing and electrical connections have started 
    • Health department scheduled – (preliminary) for early June
    • Kitchen ceiling grid is complete
    • Boiler room equipment is running
    • Gym flooring is complete, sealed and painted
  • Area D
    • Windows are complete
    • Overhead Inspections are complete
    • D2 ceiling grid is complete
    • D2 casework is continuing 
    • D1 drywall finishing is complete 
    • D1 paint is complete
    • D1 ceramic tile has started
    • Flooring has started
    • Stair Tower
      • Glass is completing
      • Interior drywall has started
  • Scheduled to open Fall 2023-24

Many thanks to Stahl Construction who provided a tour of the new Valerius Elementary for our Board of Directors on May 15. We loved seeing the great progress and appreciate all the hard work going into this new school! #ValeriusRising